URLth provides the platform to add custom domains to create Short URLs

What is a custom domain?

Any domain you own for your business is termed as custom domain.

How do I add custom domain to my profile?

URLth dashboard provides the option to add you own domain and use that to create your link campaign. This increases the credibility and your customers known source. Have a look at the screenshots below.

Step 1

Before adding the domain to URLth, your domain should have the DNS entry to point to URLth service. For that, please create the “A” record inside your Domain Management console at your registrar. The entry details are given below.


Note : DNS record changes normally takes 24 hours to propogate across all DNS servers across the world.Hence it is recommended we wait for a day after and then add the domain to URLth dashboard.

Step 2

After successful login, browse to Links dashboard

Click on Domains tab

Click New

Add the domain and save

Note : use http:// as prefix

Domain is added and listed under the dashboard.


Step 3

Once added, use the CONTACT FORM and send us the domain details to be approved.

Domain will be approved and added for linking within 24 hours.

Step 4

Now that you have the domain added you can create the links using you own custom domain.

Click on New link

Copy the URL to be shortened and click on ADVANCED tab

Select the custom domain which was added and click SHORTEN

Your new link with your custom domain is created.

Note : Custom domains service is provided for all users. We screen the domain before adding it to use with URLth service.


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June 8, 2020 19 URLth SV  Custom Domains, General
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