URLth is an easy to use, fully secure, FREE URL shortener with advanced shortlink features

Although most of our competitors charge as much as $5-$10 per month, we offer the same functionality and options for free!

Why? Because our goal is to provide everyone with access to small but incredibly powerful tools. We believe cost shouldn’t get in the way of being able to use those tools.This belief is what makes us stand out from the crowd of other, similar startups.


What We Can Do for You

Have you ever needed to shorten a link?  Nearly everyone has. With our handy tool, you can reduce long links from social media platforms or any other websites. 

And all it takes is an instant!

Once you’ve got your shortened URL it can be used anywhere.  Publications, ads, blogs, forums, emails, IMs, webchats, websites…

Our super-fast URL shortener comes with no strings attached.  You don’t need to pay for it and you won’t be harassed by ads while using it. But it gets even better.  After registering for our free URL shortener, you can track important stats by monitoring the number of hits from your personal profile.

An advanced dashboard allows you to keep an eye on how much traffic you are getting and provides in-depth reports on link behavior.You can also manage your short URLs using passwords, expiration dates, and aliases.  Plus, we also offer location and platform-based targeting options. 

We aren’t done yet, though.  Very soon we will be unleashing more premium applications that make your life so much easier.  You won’t want to miss them!

Do you have any questions or comments?  Feel free to contact us at any time.

And please let others know about URLth so that more people can benefit from this free URL shortener.


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