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URLth is a completely free to use URL Shortener with advanced Links dashboard to track the link. Brand, track, and share your short links, engage with your users on a whole new level.

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Short Links

Easy to use Free URL Shortener with many features of premium quality for your business need. Its a completely free to use service with no ads displayed.Register to access Link Dashboard for tracking the links.

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Measure traffic,know your audience,stay in control of your links using our advanced dashboard for Link analytics.Detailed reports about your link behavior,clicks,referrers,devices,browsers and systems

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Advanced Link Management

Power your short URLs with alias,password and expiration dates.Make multiple links at once with simple steps.Target by geography and platform wise.Use rotational links.All these options for Free.

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Free URL Shortener

Advanced Link Management

URLth is a Free URL Shortener with Advanced link management dashboard with many features.

  • Completely FREE to use URL Shortener
  • Branded URLs
  • Create Alias for your links
  • Link Previews
  • Categorize each link with spaces
  • Use passwords for links
  • Set Expiration for links
  • Choose to set the stats be public or private
  • Disable links at any time
  • API Access
  • Create Multiple Links at once

Short Links

Link Tracking

URLth Link management dashboard provides in-depth insights on the URL usage and user behavior.

  • Tracking by Geographic locations
  • Tracking by Browsers used
  • Tracking by platforms used
  • Tracking by Devices used
  • Tracking by Languages used
  • Tracking by Social media usage
  • Tracking by source domains
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URLth as your linking partner

With URLth at your side, sky is the limit. Start generating your links for business and skyrocket your profits.

  • Free Premium URL Shortener
  • Add custom domains at your ease
  • Achieve more conversions with Branded URLs
  • Full Link Management Dashboard for statistics
  • Geo-targeting, platform targeting campaigns
  • Complete Link security
  • Full API Access
  • Robust & Secured Infrastructure

Empower your links

  • Users are aware of the links they’re clicking, branded links will increase brand recognition, inspire trust and increase your click-through rate.
  • Brand your links with your own domains and increase your click-through rate There’s no need for hard to remember links, personalize your links with easy to remember custom aliases.
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